Organic Bathrobe

Organically grown cotton bathrobes now available in made to order

We are now offering as part of our ever expanding range to include organic cotton made bath robes. These robes are made from 100% internationally certified organically grown cotton. Al though these organic cotton robes are only available on made to order we ensure that the lead time and min quality is kept low as possible.


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Demand for organic cotton bathrobes is increasing


The demand for organic clothes has considerably increased over the years with more and more people are aware of the harms large scale manufacturing can do to the environment. With this in mind we can source from reliable bathrobes manufactures from around the world who can 100% guarantee organically grown cotton. The product overall feel softer and is natural in colour since no dye or chemicals have been used to process the robe. These robes are ideal and go well with those spa or hotel resorts who aim to market the pleasures of nature as part of their business model. These robes are available in a number of sizes and since they are made to order customers can give their own measurements and sizing charts. Also on offer are organic bathroom slippers which again are made to order.